Who are DeMons?

Decentralised Monsters (DeMons) are characters of the DeMons' Metaverse. They were created when the Zilliqa blockchain shards started colliding and resulted in a massive explosion. Boom! Each Demon that was spawned has its own story, lore and is a part of the Zilliqa Metaverse.

To allow each DeMons' NFT holder ownership of a stake of the DeMons Metaverse, these NFTs are unleashed as NFTs that can generate yield in the form of DMZ tokens (the DeMons governance token) Furthermore, they can be levelled up and traded in the marketplace. DeMons are NFTs that accrue their value from the fact that they are scarce with only 666 of them ever minted, and also from their utility in generating DMZ yield.

But they are not mere holdings that you can hold and trade but are a cut and cult above. While most NFTs and collectable series are computer-generated, these NFTs are entirely hand-drawn artwork specimens, generated without using any computer algorithm. Unlike any other existing NFT projects, you can name them as your belonging and show-off to shine apart as a card in your deck or as an Avatar to display your presence around in your social circles.

NFT Division


NFT Per Species

Total NFTs











120 + Legends (IF ANY)


In every species, out of the 100 original Demons, 80 are male and 20 are female. Each female Demon can participate in breeding only once.

For breeding, one male and one female Demon will enter a breeding contract which will lead to the birth of a descendant Demon. If a Demon owner doesn't have both male and female Demons, then they will first have to first buy/partner with a female (or male, as per the requirements) Demon for breeding.

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