What is $DMZ?

Every financial project demands utility tokens that the consumers can use to trade over the platform and deal with other consumers around the globe. The same motive at DeMons is served by $DMZ- our very own utility and governance token built on the Zilliqa blockchain.

How to get $DMZ?

You can get $DMZ in several ways:

  1. Participate in ZILO. For more information, read here.

  2. Buy $DMZ in exchange for $ZIL on the currency exchange platform. Consumers can trade and get $DMZ from ZilSwap.

  3. Through incentives and burning rewards, where, with each Demon sold, some amount of $DMZ tokens will be given to the first buyer of each demon as an incentive or as an incentive for holding Demon. But this will be unlocked only after a certain amount of $DMZs are burnt.

  4. Liquidity mining is another method that you can adopt to earn $DMZ by providing liquidity in the $DMZ Pool.

An exquisite way to earn $DMZ would be by playing the game built around DeMonverse, making it a rare project. This method of earning $DMZs will benefit students and beginner investors in the field of NFT trading.

We'll be introducing a play-to-earn game that will be built around DeMonverse. The details will be announced in due time.

$DMZ Utility

$DMZ is the official token used in the DeMonverse. There are a fixed amount of $DMZ tokens that can be bought from ZilSwap. So, $DMZ, being the official currency of DeMonverse, can be used for various tasks and has a higher utility.

$DMZ token holds the following utilities:

  1. Level Up: Our users can level up their respective Demons using $DMZ, which in return will increase the level of their Demons and earn them good rewards and benefits. It will also burn certain $DMZs in the process, leading to an increase in the price of $DMZ.

  2. Resell Marketplace: We give our customers to resell their Demons in the marketplace using $DMZ. Anyone can set up an auction at the market and sell their Demon where all the transactions will take place in $DMZ.

  3. Voting Portal: Customers can use $DMZ to vote for their favourite Demons in the Devil’s court which will help us identify the popular/rarer Demons in the market.

  4. Name Changing: It is one of the biggest perks of levelling up which allows you to change the name of your Demon and rename it to something personal. It gives you an opportunity to leave an everlasting imprint on the blockchain. Changing the name will require you to burn a certain amount of $DMZs, thus adding another utility to the token.

  5. Merch Store: DeMonverse does not have a functional merch store as of now, but it is in the pipeline and will be released soon. The merch available at the merch store can be bought using $DMZ.

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